Treatments for People

Reiki treatments are offered either in person, here in Northglenn or distantly. The cost for each is the same. $60 for an hour session. The treatment lasts about 45 minutes with time allowed for pre and post discussion. It is generally recommended that when you first start Reiki treatments or are wanting to work on a specific issue that 3-4 treatments closely spaced together are booked. For this reason I offer a discount for 3+ treatments purchased at the same time. To book your treatment(s) call 720-201-9650.

What does a treatment look like?
First I will welcome you and we will have a brief discussion about why you are here and any issues you want to work on.
A Reiki treatment can happen either lying down on a table like those used for massage, sitting in a chair. Hands are placed lightly on the body or slightly off the body. Should you have any touch issues, please do not hesitate to let me know! I usually stay at one hand position from 1-5 minutes or more if needed. About half way through the treatment I will gently ask you to flip over and continue treatment on that side of the body. If you choose, you do not have to flip over. You can choose whether to remain face up or face down during the whole treatment. Soft Japanese Shakuhachi music is played, lights are dimmed and candles are going. If you would like Japanese incense burned prior to you treatment please let me know, otherwise I only burn them during my morning practice.
The goal is to relax deeply and completely open yourself up to heal. I ask that you hold the intention that you are open to receive whatever it is that you may need. I will create and hold a space to facilitate healing. Different sensations may or may not be felt. Some sensations may include:
Muscle movements
Deep sighs
Deep relaxation
Be open to whatever happens during your treatment and after. Do not feel embarrassed should you need to cry, snore, fart, giggle…I have seen/heard so much during treatments.
Treatments are designed to allow for optimum comfort and relaxation and stress reduction. You will be given filtered water to drink before and after your treatment. Blankets are available should you wish to be covered or get cold during the treatment. I also use bolsters to make lying on the table more comfy. If you need to sit in a chair that can be arranged, please let me know prior to your appointment.

What a treatment is not:
-It is not a psychic reading, please do not ask me what I felt or saw. This experience is about you and how you feel, ask yourself how you feel!
-It is not meant to replace treatment from your doctor. Reiki practitioners do not diagnose ever, we work in compliment to your doctor(s).
-It is not a massage, while hands are used to lightly touch the body or held over the body, a Reiki treatment is not massage though massage therapists can integrate the two practices.
After your treatment:
I will gently let you know the treatment is over and let you slowly get up and drink some water. We can discuss how it went for you and make appointments for your next treatment if we haven’t already scheduled them.
I suggest you take it easy the rest of the day, drink plenty of water and take care of yourself by doing things you enjoy.
I may suggest techniques or practices for you to continue after your treatment until the next time we have a session.
Feel free to call me with any concerns that you may have.

Distant treatment:
Together we will set up a time for you to either sit or lie down comfortably in a place with minimal distraction for a minimum of half an hour. (Quiet, phone off, private) This is a time for you to really relax, take time for yourself. I will ask you to hold the intent that you are open to receive whatever it is that you may need at this exact moment in time, be open to this experience. I will do the rest so we can connect energetically. I will email you with more specific directions after your appointment has been booked and paid.

I currently only offer in-person treatments in my Northglenn location near 104th and I-25.

Please feel free you contact me at 720-201-9650

Blessings, Candice


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