Staying committed to your practice

Continuing your practice when things are going smooth and time is abundant is easy. When times shrinks down and things get rough that is when it is so important to keep your practice going.  I can say for sure without a shadow of a doubt that my practice has carried me through difficult times. It has even made the difficult times not so difficult.  I can not say that this is how it is for every practitioner out there, but it is my truth and experience. Living in a world where there is so much turmoil and tragedy that takes place it is wonderful to have a spiritual practice. Practicing the system of Reiki is just that, a spiritual practice. Yes you can just focus on hands on healing, but so much more can be gained, learned, changed and experienced when utilizing the 5 elements that make up the system of Reiki. Using all 5 elements creates a spiritual practice that can bring you back to balance facilitate healing on all levels and generally make life easier to handle. I absolutely love my practice and the adventures it has taken me on.  Sometimes not always rainbows and happiness, it can help you go to dark places within and release those things. With a consistent daily practice I always feel supported. Besides the joy I get from my practice the next best thing is teaching others how to practice and use the 5 elements of the system of Reiki. Watching other people and their journey unfold is great. I love supporting students in their adventure with the system. I always say though that the best teacher is your own experience and you only get that experience if you are consistently practicing.I can teach you how to use the system and it’s elements, it is you who has to put the time in and practice.  At some point it becomes who you are. The line between your practice and life diminishes. Of course I have to say that it isn’t always easy to stay committed. Being in each moment helps. It’s far better to just think of committing to it for 1 day or week at a time than many years or months. Bring it down to a smaller reference of time and that will make it easier.  Join Reiki groups, meet with your teacher often or at least stay in contact with them. Re-read your manuals and other books about the system to help keep your interest going. This also helps you to gain new insights too! Take re-fresher courses, get a Reiki treatment. Keep the system relevant to your life and you will want to practice for all the benefits you see happening. Keep a journal and from time to time read it too. You will see that changes are taking place no matter how big or small, they are happening and you can use this a motivation to keep up your practice. Most importantly keep going, keep practicing, keep at it especially when you don’t think you have the time or patience. (That is when you need it the most!) Here’s to having a daily practice! Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have! If you want guidance about how to keep up your practice further, want to book a class or treatment or have any other question about the system of Reiki contact me! I love hearing from you! I love talking about the system of Reiki. I love teaching and doing treatments. I love it all!

Love, Hugs and Blessings,



Mother’s Day special!

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Blessings, Candice

It seems like it has been so long.

I have many blog posts that I have started and have yet to finish. I start to write something, then I question where I am going with the post and stop.

So this will be a catch up post, a little bit of everything going on in my life right now.

My practice is evolving and I am watching it to see where it goes.  I have let go of some attachments I have had to it.  In January I did two Dragon events with Frans.  This has changed and spurred my practice on.  I do have to say those days after the Dragon evening, my life was a bit difficult. I learned to let go of expectations and to go with the flow. I learned that though I thought I had reached  a place in my practice and my self growth that there are indeed many more layers to grow. I didn’t think I had reached the end, just somewhere else than I currently am. I knew from past experience that after a heavy night or weekend of practice the best thing I could do was relax, drink lots of water and keep on practicing. Eventually things settled down and I find myself where I am at today. I can’t really say exactly how my practice has changed, but it has and so has my attitude about it. I don’t feel as restricted to how I used to think it should be. I find my approach more playful and loose and not so serious. Don’t get me wrong, I am serious about it, but more open minded about it, if that makes sense.

I have set up a clear schedule that works with my family for treatments and teaching.  Through my practice I have also made a choice to start a photography business. It is something that I have always wanted to do, but fear was holding me back. As I shed layers of fear, I am able to go for things I previously would not have thought possible. I owe this to my practice. I love photography, it means so much to me and I am thankful to start this venture.  I have thought of doing this for a while, but always held the intent that if it would interfere with my Reiki “business” (business meaning: treatments and classes-though it’s not a job- how could it be when I love it so much?)  I would not pursue it at all. My Reiki “business” has never been about how much money I could make, it’s about growing and helping facilitate growth in others. With my oldest having special needs and a lot of his “help” (therapies, etc.) are out of pocket expenses, what better way to earn money than doing something that I love?  Sometimes I ask myself, with all of my families needs am I crazy to think I can balance family, my Reiki “business” and a photography business? Through my practice I see that YES it is possible. Through my practice I have learned about balance. Through my practice I learned how to be true to myself. With all this I am confident I can balance all of it. I figure, I practice everyday anyway and will teach the system of Reiki for as long as people come to learn, adding in photography will help my family with expenses. It will also let me do something I have long dreamed about and never thought I could do based on fears, which layers of that fear have been shed.  So I am going to go for it!  I will always continue to be dedicated to my practice and the system of Reiki. I will be there for my family and I will offer a service to others offering the gift of capturing a moment in time. I know just like my practice this new venture will have twists and turns. What I also know is that my practice will be there too, supporting me in all that I do.  I am thankful for this opportunity.  I am thankful to grow. I am thankful for my family and their support. I am thankful for my teachers. I am thankful for my practice.

Something else I have been thinking about is how to get myself to a Shinpiden class with Frans when he comes to the states.  His schedule is pretty consistent as to when he comes and what time of the year he will be close enough to possibly make it. The kids keep getting older. As we work with our oldest, we want to get to a place that would make that possible with out taking the whole family with me.  A goal I have always carried since the 2008 Shinpiden class I took has been to help create a community of Usui Reiki Ryoho practitioners that is thriving. Through this we can support each other. Through having a growing URR community another goal I have had since that fateful weekend was to have Colorado become an annual stop on Frans’ teaching schedule in the states. (hint, hint Frans) 🙂 I look forward to the day that this happens!  To get there I will continue to offer classes and treatments, I know other URR teachers and they are doing amazing things to grow our community!  I love it so much! As I look at other communities, I know we will get there! I know that there are many, many practitioners and teachers here, just not many URR ones. This is my heart, this is what changed my life, has helped me through many trying times and supported my growth on this path called life. As I continue to offer classes and treatments my connection to the system grows, it allows me to see and feel the connection to all sentient beings. I strive to help facilitate this in each student or client that comes for a class or treatment.

Lastly I want to say that you should look into getting Bronwen’s latest CD from Sounds True:

It’s great! It gets you into such a relaxed state!

If you have any questions about the system of Reiki, are interested in a class or treatment, or want to know where to go for more information PLEASE feel free to contact me colorado reiki (at) live (dot) com! Also I love reading what you have to say! Add a comment!

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Parenting and and the system of Reiki

As a parent the system of Reiki has many benefits. I always have the option to offer hands on healing when one of the kids get hurt. I also can offer hands on healing when they are not feeling well. More importantly my practice and unification with the system and its elements has given me the ability to remain clam in any of the mentioned situations. As parents we often feel overwhelmed or worried when our children are hurt or sick. Working with the system gives you the ability to see each situation for what it is. There is less worry of the what if’s, less anger over the should have’s and a clear sense of calm that can be reached through unifying with the 5 elements. Hands on healing, symbols and mantras, meditations and techniques, Reiju and the Precepts.
An example of this that comes to mind is recently when my oldest was feeling sick he asked for a Reiki treatment. I gladly sat with him. I noticed a pattern with him. He feels bad, asks for Reiki treatment then gets one, then vomits and sleeps and feels better when he wakes up. This has happened a few times, enough for me to notice the pattern. Of course I don’t go looking for or expect this to happen each time, but lately this is what he has had happen. Through his feeling sick I am able to remain calm and in the moment to be there for him as a result of my practice of the system of Reiki. I can see where my practice has taken me. I can look back to when my practice wasn’t as solid or approached as a spiritual practice and how my reactions were to this same sort of sickness with my kids. I would have lots of stress, fear and a flood of other emotions and experiences. Sure I may get worried a bit, but it’s how I approach the worry that has changed massively. I am not saying that I don’t ever get angry or worried, but my practice certainly has lessened these experiences or given me the ability to handle them with much more ease and with a clear mind. I see the growth, the ability to be in the moment and the smaller amount of anger and worry I have. Kids are a good gage for our own growth; they can teach us so much in so many ways. As a parent having a practice or box of tools (5 elements) to be there with me is so important. It makes traveling the path of parenthood calmer, easier and more relaxing.
I have a parenting and the system of Reiki workshop in the works which will go into much more detail on how the system of Reiki can benefit you as a parent. Be on the look-out for it!
As always feel free to leave a comment, share your own story and experiences! I love hearing them!
Love and Blessings,

Aikido and compassion

Someone shared this on the student forum and I liked it so much I thought I would share it here. It really hit home for me. I have learned so much about myself and the world from having a child with special needs. I have been in situations like the authors, having to hold my son to keep him from harming anything or anyone including himself. This article brought up feelings and thoughts I didn’t know I had. I am grateful for having read it. It is wonderful and amazing how much our children can teach us.
If we could come to each being with the same compassion we can and do for our children imagine how the world could be!
I hope you enjoy reading this!

Resitting classes

This past weekend Frans Stiene of the International House of Reiki was in Washington DC to give a talk and teach a Shinpiden class.  From time to time over the weekend my thoughts would shift towards the class and all the people in the class. I would wonder what they were talking about at that given moment. I know from the Shinpiden class I did in 2008 that they were experiencing something amazing and life changing. I wondered how many were re-sitting the class and getting even more out of it this time around from their continued practice since they last did the class. Though I know that I couldn’t have made the DC class, I was trying to get to the class being held next week in San Rafael California. A friend is going and we had hopes of fling there together and rooming together, sharing the rental car. Sadly I will not be able to attend next week, but with be thinking of them and knowing how much all those participants will come out of the class feeling blissful and excited for what’s ahead.  I had been planning on going to this class for months now. I had finally saved up the money with the help of our tax return to cover the cost of travel, lodging, food and the class.  The International House of Reiki offers a deep discount to past students making the choice to resit the class all the more enticing.

I have done pretty much all the web classes offered by my teachers and received additional support through emails and a couple of one on one Skype chats. I know the level and quality of teaching taking place in the Shinpiden classes. This is why I want to resit a class. I know that the more I practice and the more my teacher practices the next time in class I am able to gain so much more. I know I will have during the teachings or practices given ah-ha moments. I know this based on my experiences from the past teachings and support. If you have the chance to resit classes with a quality teacher I say do it! I offer each student the ability to resit the current level they are at. I want every student to go home, practice what tools and techniques they have learned and come back for a chance to go deeper within by resitting the class. Just like I tell students, friends, my kids and colleagues to re-read books and their manuals after they have been learning and practicing because they will gain a deep insight from doing this. I frequently re-read my manuals and books. Each and every time something has come up for me that gives me an ah-ha moment.  I see things in a different way as my practice grows and integrates new discoveries.  The same goes for resitting classes.

I will admit I am bummed I will miss out on the class next week. I think it stinks because I know the potential of the outcome of it all. I am trying to look on the bright side of things and know if I was truly meant to be in that class everything would have come together so I could be there. It didn’t so I move forward and think about the upcoming retreat I hope to go to. I put the money aside that I saved for the Shinpiden class. It is sitting waiting to be used for the retreat.  Once I had the money and details of everything figured out we announced to the kids I would be going away for a few days and that is when the issues came up. My youngest freaked out, became extremely attached and started waking up in the night and crawling into our bed.  It got to the point where he had to be touching me. We are taking steps to help him with the separation anxiety this brought up.  I did some major looking within and deep contemplating about whether I should go to the class or not. I talked with others seeking advice and opinions about the whole situation. You can imagine my dilemma. I wanted so much to go to this class, yet I knew on a deeper level my son could not bear to be away from me that long. Also my middle son was not happy about it either. I wasn’t sure how my oldest felt; he wasn’t sure how he felt about it. I contemplated how beneficial Reiki classes are, how it benefits not just me but those around me. Then I contemplated how young my son is emotionally and how attached he is to me. Both choices weighed heavy on my heart. The first choice being to leave my family for the first time ever for more than a day, the other of missing an amazing class and chance to grow and go deeper into my practice of the system of Reiki. In the end I decided to miss the class and hope he is in a better place and more able to handle me being gone for a few days in the months ahead for the retreat.  I decided that I need to help my kids get used to me going away for classes and retreats. My practice is my life and my life is my practice, it’s who I am, who I have become. My plan is to have my mom spend more time with my kids especially the youngest one. She takes him when I do treatments, and my husband takes them places when I am teaching so far it is working out, but I am looking into renting a space. That is a whole other blog post in itself.

I suggest if you are able to resit a class, go for it! If life circumstances get in the way of that contemplate your options. Seek advice and support from others. In the end look within and make your choice. See if you can make a future class or retreat and work towards that if you can’t make the immediate one. Through experiencing this I learned how much my practice means to me, how much my kids are a priority and how I can/will/need to balance both. So hopefully in a future post I will talk about the great time I had at the retreat. In the mean time I look forward to hearing about the class from a friend and seeing how it is for her. I hope she as well as everyone else in the class has an amazing, deep profound experience and fabulous time!




Two weeks ago I woke up with a head cold, and I still have some congestion from it. My practiced suffered as a result. I still did hands on healing every day, but I could not do the chanting or breathing techniques for a while. I was so stuffy and congested. Boy what a difference it is when the “regular” routine is not done. I can really feel it energetically. It makes me see how each technique has a different way of working towards the same goal. I believe that each person will be drawn to each technique for different reasons and will like each one at different times for different reason. I really like the adaptability that the 5 elements that make up the system of Reiki are. In any given situation we have a toolbox from which to pick what we feel/choose that we see fit for it. With this head cold I mostly had hands on healing and the Precepts. I did attempt to chant many times and sometimes it worked others not so much. By work I mean I was able to chant without getting a weird stuffy throat and nose. Even with the accessibility of hands on healing some days I just felt like I couldn’t or didn’t want to do it. I would tell myself to just try for 5 minutes and if I didn’t feel like it anymore than that was it. I didn’t want to force it. Some days when this happened I lasted only the 5 minutes and other times I ended up going for much longer . I am grateful I have this practice and can grow from here. I see my practice as a foundation from which I experience life.

Sometimes this foundation is shaken from things going on in life. I have a special needs child and this past week was a doozy for us! Friday we had somethings happens at school that were very upsetting to all of us a s a family because of the impact they had on my child.  We spent Saturday as a family taking time out of all the things we have planned for the weekends. We spent the day in nature. My son needed this and so did the rest of us. Having 3 children keeps us busy and often always on the go. I made a choice though many years ago that we would always have a grounded foundation as a family to support our children and in truth I am not sure that would be possible without my commitment to my practice or my husbands to his Bagua practice. We learn as we go as parents and it’s the same for Reiki practitioners we learn as we go within our practice. I know my children are still young and so is my Reiki practice. Together my practice helps me be the best mom I can be for my family. Yet through my practice I am so much better able to handle all the craziness life with 3 children can bring. I see this with the events that happened this past week. I think they hit a little harder for me because I wasn’t quite where I usually am within my practice. I was still  able to remain grounded and let go of the anger from the events, but I didn’t feel as connected to my practice as I usually am.  This is a new day and with every new moment I aim to hold awareness of my practice in everything I do. I know that through this the next big event my special needs child or my other 2 kids have I will be that much more able to see it for what it really is and do what I need to for not only myself but my family. I know the best things that I have are my family and my Reiki practice and my health. Thankfully I am not as congested and feel better each day. My family weathered the storm and so did my practice from not being able to do it the way I normally do. Life is good!