Helping Japan in a time of need!

So I have been thinking of ways to help Japan. With the system of Reiki originating from Japan this devastation hits close to home for me. (beside knowing people from Japan) So I came up with a way to work with the system that has changed my life so much and also help it’s birth place and all beings there. ALL treatments and classes booked booked through my website: and paid for in full from now (3-15-2011) to March 31, 2011 midnight I will donate 50% of the cost to Japan relief funds. I will make sure half the money goes to helping animals there and the other half to people. NO REFUNDS will be given. This way people can experience the system that has touched my heart and changed me in so many ways and also help a cause that greatly needs our help! I am looking for the right place to donate the money so it gets to the right people and and animals in need. If you have a place you trust for either humans or animals in Japan please share it with me!

If you could know one thing about me it’s that I LOVE the system of Reiki and what my practice has done for me, how it has changed me and my life. This seems like such a small way to help a BIG crisis, but every thing we can do to help we should. Japan and all of humanity is effected by this in ways yet to be seen.