Today is my 7 year anniversary!

January 30, 2011 marks my 7 year anniversary of practicing the system of Reiki. I can remember that day so well, January 30, 2004. I had been looking for a teacher for a while and a friend was too. He said we could go to a lady he found and he carried her books in his store. He arranged everything. I was able to bring my baby who was 3 months and nursing like crazy. We drove to Nederland and met the teacher and followed her to her house. A lovely house in the mountains with a gorgeous view on either side of the giant 2 story stone fireplace, windows all the way up too. It was a quick one day class, I paid $100 and had already bought and devoured her two books. The teachers name was Patricia Upczack. She was very friendly and welcoming. I think a lot of the class was really simple. Knowing that the most learning come from our experience she didn’t teach too many things. It was simple, place your hands on anything you wanted to receive Reiki and hold that intent. We took turns exchanging Reiki treatments. I think the table was a magenta color. Soft music played in the background and we were in awe of the sensations coming from our hands and fingers. We were taught the basic hand positions. I would wait in the living room either nursing or holding my baby and showing him the view out the window while my friend was in another room receiving one at a time 4 attunements.

I can remember the distinct smell that came over me during each attunement. It was an almost lemons grass lavender scent. The same scent came to me again 2 years later during the attunements during my ART/Master training in 2006. If I were to smell that scent again I would know it instantly. As far as I can remember those are the only times I have smelled that specific scent.
We ended class in the late afternoon just as snow was starting to fall in Nederland. By the time we were making our way down the highway towards Boulder the snow was unbelievable! We couldn’t see, cars were sliding everywhere down this mountain pass. My son was screaming, he was hungry, wet and tired. We ended up pulling over and I nursed him, changed him and let my friend drive the rest of the way. I think it took us 3 hours to get home. I think they ended up closing the highway after we were off of it. It was blizzard conditions. I was so thankful to be home. I was so excited with this new found practice and the opening up to innate abilities. I practiced giving Reiki to EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! Our kids, my husband, our pets, food water, everything!
I am so thankful to have found something so in tune with my beliefs. I was diligent about giving myself treatments everyday and a lot of times twice a day. Keep in mind this is when I didn’t know about the spiritual side to the system. I was in love and thought treatments were it. Little did I know then that when practiced from a spiritual point of view and utilizing all 5 elements of the system we can go so much deeper and gain so much more than only focusing on hands on healing. Still this day is so important to me because here I am 7 years later and a million times more in love with my practice. And let me tell you I was super in live with it back then! I have a huge push from within wanting to teach others and see them start or continue on their journey with the system. Through the years I have utilized my practice and used Reiki treatments in so many situations. Home hospice, emergency room situations, first aid, animals passing, hurt, ill, and healthy people. I have used the Precepts and my practice as a support to call on in my own emergencies, family illness, and to maintain balance, to relax, and rejuvenate myself and others.
Over the years I have worked on and confronted many things in my life. I have gained instructions for how to live and approach everything. I am less angry, less worried, more grateful everyday. I can thank my practice, my dedication to it, my teachers, their dedication, and the community and friends I have met for the growth I have experienced since starting down this path. I whole heartedly thank every being who has been in my life and been apart of this process! So in this moment on this anniversary I promise myself to continue working on myself through my practice. I will do what I can to teach the system from an honest and open point of view. I will continue to offer treatments to others as well as myself. I am amazed 7 years feels so short and yet like a big accomplishment all in one. Here’s to many more years practicing the system!