Japanese Meditation Classes

Japanese Meditation classes

Breath work and the Japanese energetic system is worked with in all meditation classes at Colorado Reiki, LLC. Working with 3 energy centers/concentration points also known as the three diamonds. The most popular being the Hara. (Hara literally means abdomen.) Japanese meditation classes are not designed to replace a Reiki class though some techniques and meditations taught within the meditation classes are a part of Shoden level 1 Reiki practice. The goal of each meditation class is to sit with and be connected to your true nature and be supported and guided by Candice for about  45 minutes to an hour. It is a time for you to connect to yourself and just be. Each class is held as a complete meditation practice. During the course of the class you may be asked to sit, stand or move. I will guide you through each meditation supporting you in your practice. You may wish to take only one class or come to future classes to help maintain your practice and be supported by Candice. Life happens between each class and things build up, repeated classes offer a way to help you clear these out and bring you back to center. Techniques may change from class to class or vary slightly, but the goal of each class is the same: Connect and be with yourself, go within and be in a supported environment with guidance from a qualified teacher.

Cost of each class is $14
Classes are held Wednesday or Friday days and Tuesday evenings.
Wednesday and Friday times: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Tuesday evenings: 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM and 7:45 PM -8:45 PM

What a class looks like:
Meet and greet
Begin with a discussion about the practices for class
Guided practice
Ending discussion
Please wear comfortable clothes and  bring your favorite water bottle. If you have a meditation bench or cushion you are more than welcome to bring them!

Please RSVP by calling Candice at 720-201-9650

Some FAQ’s:

-Who can practice/learn Japanese Meditations?
Anyone who is willing to learn, it is best to learn from a qualified teacher.
-Do these classes replace traditional Reiki training?
No, some techniques taught and practiced are also a part of the system of Reiki, the Japanese meditation classes are designed as a complete class not to take the place of a Reiki class.
-I have never done this before, can I do it?
Of course you can!  I will guide you through each practice and create a supportive environment.
-Should I just come to one class or should I attend more than one?
Each class is a complete in it self. I do recommend that you continue to practice both at home and at future classes should you decide this is a good fit for you.
-How long is the actual meditation time?
After a quick meet and greet and intro to the nights technique we begin practice. Usually this is about 45 minutes in length.
-How many people will be there?
We currently open RSVP’s to 6 people. I like to have smaller groups to focus on and support each individual in this time period.
-There are 2 time slots on Tuesday nights, can I attend both?
If you feel comfortable in your experience with meditation practice and are able to sit in practice for the duration of both time slots you may attend both, with a 50% discount for the 2nd time slot. You would pay $21 for both time slots in the same evening. Please note that there will be the meet and greet and intro for both and the technique practiced will be the same for each time slot.


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