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My teachers Journey, Frans goes to Japan   So grateful he is my teacher, I continue to delve deeper with his guidance and support. I feel truly blessed to be his student. Frans has a commitment to taking the system to it’s roots that is palpable. He inspires me to keep going, keep practicing and keep teaching in my own truth. I gladly share this article of his experiences from a recent trip to Japan to take his practice and knowledge deeper. I feel he did this trip not only for himself, but the greater Reiki community and the world.

Love, Hugs and Blessings,


Mother’s Day special!

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Blessings, Candice

It seems like it has been so long.

I have many blog posts that I have started and have yet to finish. I start to write something, then I question where I am going with the post and stop.

So this will be a catch up post, a little bit of everything going on in my life right now.

My practice is evolving and I am watching it to see where it goes.  I have let go of some attachments I have had to it.  In January I did two Dragon events with Frans.  This has changed and spurred my practice on.  I do have to say those days after the Dragon evening, my life was a bit difficult. I learned to let go of expectations and to go with the flow. I learned that though I thought I had reached  a place in my practice and my self growth that there are indeed many more layers to grow. I didn’t think I had reached the end, just somewhere else than I currently am. I knew from past experience that after a heavy night or weekend of practice the best thing I could do was relax, drink lots of water and keep on practicing. Eventually things settled down and I find myself where I am at today. I can’t really say exactly how my practice has changed, but it has and so has my attitude about it. I don’t feel as restricted to how I used to think it should be. I find my approach more playful and loose and not so serious. Don’t get me wrong, I am serious about it, but more open minded about it, if that makes sense.

I have set up a clear schedule that works with my family for treatments and teaching.  Through my practice I have also made a choice to start a photography business. It is something that I have always wanted to do, but fear was holding me back. As I shed layers of fear, I am able to go for things I previously would not have thought possible. I owe this to my practice. I love photography, it means so much to me and I am thankful to start this venture.  I have thought of doing this for a while, but always held the intent that if it would interfere with my Reiki “business” (business meaning: treatments and classes-though it’s not a job- how could it be when I love it so much?)  I would not pursue it at all. My Reiki “business” has never been about how much money I could make, it’s about growing and helping facilitate growth in others. With my oldest having special needs and a lot of his “help” (therapies, etc.) are out of pocket expenses, what better way to earn money than doing something that I love?  Sometimes I ask myself, with all of my families needs am I crazy to think I can balance family, my Reiki “business” and a photography business? Through my practice I see that YES it is possible. Through my practice I have learned about balance. Through my practice I learned how to be true to myself. With all this I am confident I can balance all of it. I figure, I practice everyday anyway and will teach the system of Reiki for as long as people come to learn, adding in photography will help my family with expenses. It will also let me do something I have long dreamed about and never thought I could do based on fears, which layers of that fear have been shed.  So I am going to go for it!  I will always continue to be dedicated to my practice and the system of Reiki. I will be there for my family and I will offer a service to others offering the gift of capturing a moment in time. I know just like my practice this new venture will have twists and turns. What I also know is that my practice will be there too, supporting me in all that I do.  I am thankful for this opportunity.  I am thankful to grow. I am thankful for my family and their support. I am thankful for my teachers. I am thankful for my practice.

Something else I have been thinking about is how to get myself to a Shinpiden class with Frans when he comes to the states.  His schedule is pretty consistent as to when he comes and what time of the year he will be close enough to possibly make it. The kids keep getting older. As we work with our oldest, we want to get to a place that would make that possible with out taking the whole family with me.  A goal I have always carried since the 2008 Shinpiden class I took has been to help create a community of Usui Reiki Ryoho practitioners that is thriving. Through this we can support each other. Through having a growing URR community another goal I have had since that fateful weekend was to have Colorado become an annual stop on Frans’ teaching schedule in the states. (hint, hint Frans) 🙂 I look forward to the day that this happens!  To get there I will continue to offer classes and treatments, I know other URR teachers and they are doing amazing things to grow our community!  I love it so much! As I look at other communities, I know we will get there! I know that there are many, many practitioners and teachers here, just not many URR ones. This is my heart, this is what changed my life, has helped me through many trying times and supported my growth on this path called life. As I continue to offer classes and treatments my connection to the system grows, it allows me to see and feel the connection to all sentient beings. I strive to help facilitate this in each student or client that comes for a class or treatment.

Lastly I want to say that you should look into getting Bronwen’s latest CD from Sounds True:

It’s great! It gets you into such a relaxed state!

If you have any questions about the system of Reiki, are interested in a class or treatment, or want to know where to go for more information PLEASE feel free to contact me colorado reiki (at) live (dot) com! Also I love reading what you have to say! Add a comment!

Love, Hugs and Blessings,


Parenting and and the system of Reiki

As a parent the system of Reiki has many benefits. I always have the option to offer hands on healing when one of the kids get hurt. I also can offer hands on healing when they are not feeling well. More importantly my practice and unification with the system and its elements has given me the ability to remain clam in any of the mentioned situations. As parents we often feel overwhelmed or worried when our children are hurt or sick. Working with the system gives you the ability to see each situation for what it is. There is less worry of the what if’s, less anger over the should have’s and a clear sense of calm that can be reached through unifying with the 5 elements. Hands on healing, symbols and mantras, meditations and techniques, Reiju and the Precepts.
An example of this that comes to mind is recently when my oldest was feeling sick he asked for a Reiki treatment. I gladly sat with him. I noticed a pattern with him. He feels bad, asks for Reiki treatment then gets one, then vomits and sleeps and feels better when he wakes up. This has happened a few times, enough for me to notice the pattern. Of course I don’t go looking for or expect this to happen each time, but lately this is what he has had happen. Through his feeling sick I am able to remain calm and in the moment to be there for him as a result of my practice of the system of Reiki. I can see where my practice has taken me. I can look back to when my practice wasn’t as solid or approached as a spiritual practice and how my reactions were to this same sort of sickness with my kids. I would have lots of stress, fear and a flood of other emotions and experiences. Sure I may get worried a bit, but it’s how I approach the worry that has changed massively. I am not saying that I don’t ever get angry or worried, but my practice certainly has lessened these experiences or given me the ability to handle them with much more ease and with a clear mind. I see the growth, the ability to be in the moment and the smaller amount of anger and worry I have. Kids are a good gage for our own growth; they can teach us so much in so many ways. As a parent having a practice or box of tools (5 elements) to be there with me is so important. It makes traveling the path of parenthood calmer, easier and more relaxing.
I have a parenting and the system of Reiki workshop in the works which will go into much more detail on how the system of Reiki can benefit you as a parent. Be on the look-out for it!
As always feel free to leave a comment, share your own story and experiences! I love hearing them!
Love and Blessings,

My teachers have launched their new website!

This new site has been in the making for a long time. I am so glad to share this with you! Plus this week, the week of the launch they will be offering FREE GOODIES! WOO HOO! Here is the link to their site! It’s regional too, so it takes you to the region that is right for you! You will find the things revelvant to your location! Pretty cool! I hope you enjoy it! I am still looking around to see all the good stuff! YAY!

Thinking back to my first experience with Reiki

After reading this post:  I started thinking about the first time I received a Reiki treatment or a small taster of it, unknown to me at the time. So it inspired me to write about my first time here. Thank you Corrine for taking me back to that special time!

I can not remember the year, wish I did. I am trying to remember, it could have been 2002 maybe. I had already heard about Reiki, but wasn’t focused yet on learning or finding a teacher. My mother in law would go for facials and decided to gift me a facial. I went, not knowing what to expect. It was amazing, and I thought I should get facials more often.  The woman massaged my hands and feet, put warmed slippers and gloves on me and pampered me great!  She also put her hands under my head, on my temples and held my feet for a bit. I didn’t receive a “full treatment” nor did I know what she wa doing to make me relax and feel so wonderful and at peace.  After the facial was over, I felt completely refreshed, balanced, renewed and whole. I hadn’t felt that way in I don’t know how long.  When I was leaving the office and she walked me to the elevator I almost didn’t ask her what it was she did, but I ended up doing so.  I asked, what did you do to me, and she answered with a very simple: “Reiki, all you need to know is Reiki.” I hope those were the exact words, I think they were. I came away from that facial wanting to do what she did. It wasn’t until January of 2004 that I did take that first level one class.  I will always remember more than anything about that fateful day the feeling of complete wholeness.  It’s a feeling I can achieve through my daily self-practice. It was my first direct experience of the amazing effects of the system of Reiki.

Feel free to leave in the comments about your first experience with the system of Reiki.