Parenting and and the system of Reiki

As a parent the system of Reiki has many benefits. I always have the option to offer hands on healing when one of the kids get hurt. I also can offer hands on healing when they are not feeling well. More importantly my practice and unification with the system and its elements has given me the ability to remain clam in any of the mentioned situations. As parents we often feel overwhelmed or worried when our children are hurt or sick. Working with the system gives you the ability to see each situation for what it is. There is less worry of the what if’s, less anger over the should have’s and a clear sense of calm that can be reached through unifying with the 5 elements. Hands on healing, symbols and mantras, meditations and techniques, Reiju and the Precepts.
An example of this that comes to mind is recently when my oldest was feeling sick he asked for a Reiki treatment. I gladly sat with him. I noticed a pattern with him. He feels bad, asks for Reiki treatment then gets one, then vomits and sleeps and feels better when he wakes up. This has happened a few times, enough for me to notice the pattern. Of course I don’t go looking for or expect this to happen each time, but lately this is what he has had happen. Through his feeling sick I am able to remain calm and in the moment to be there for him as a result of my practice of the system of Reiki. I can see where my practice has taken me. I can look back to when my practice wasn’t as solid or approached as a spiritual practice and how my reactions were to this same sort of sickness with my kids. I would have lots of stress, fear and a flood of other emotions and experiences. Sure I may get worried a bit, but it’s how I approach the worry that has changed massively. I am not saying that I don’t ever get angry or worried, but my practice certainly has lessened these experiences or given me the ability to handle them with much more ease and with a clear mind. I see the growth, the ability to be in the moment and the smaller amount of anger and worry I have. Kids are a good gage for our own growth; they can teach us so much in so many ways. As a parent having a practice or box of tools (5 elements) to be there with me is so important. It makes traveling the path of parenthood calmer, easier and more relaxing.
I have a parenting and the system of Reiki workshop in the works which will go into much more detail on how the system of Reiki can benefit you as a parent. Be on the look-out for it!
As always feel free to leave a comment, share your own story and experiences! I love hearing them!
Love and Blessings,

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