Going with the flow

I have learned from past experiences that going with the flow is so much easier than trying to swim upstream. Having a focused and aware practice can bring a sense of peace and calm as you go with the flow. Of course the stream may not take you where you thought you were headed or where you really wanted to go. I find that the flow is always changing, sometimes quick and deep, slow and low, or any mixture in between. Having my practice eases the vastness of the flow of life. Things are yet again changing around here. I have a space to work from, as this rolls out I am learning what things I really like and want for my business side of my Reiki practice. I am learning a lot about myself. I am learning that sometimes the flow takes us to people or experiences we could not imagine. I can’t explain how much easier life gets when you live in each moment. I guess that is the big picture and what it means to go with the flow, it means to live in each moment. Within each moment we have no worry or fear as in that very instance everything is as it should be, flowing as it should. This is the mindset and way of being I am going to be in as much as possible as things change around here. Changes in class schedules, format, times prices and availability, pretty much everything is getting an overhaul as I go with the flow.

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