Thinking back to my first experience with Reiki

After reading this post:  I started thinking about the first time I received a Reiki treatment or a small taster of it, unknown to me at the time. So it inspired me to write about my first time here. Thank you Corrine for taking me back to that special time!

I can not remember the year, wish I did. I am trying to remember, it could have been 2002 maybe. I had already heard about Reiki, but wasn’t focused yet on learning or finding a teacher. My mother in law would go for facials and decided to gift me a facial. I went, not knowing what to expect. It was amazing, and I thought I should get facials more often.  The woman massaged my hands and feet, put warmed slippers and gloves on me and pampered me great!  She also put her hands under my head, on my temples and held my feet for a bit. I didn’t receive a “full treatment” nor did I know what she wa doing to make me relax and feel so wonderful and at peace.  After the facial was over, I felt completely refreshed, balanced, renewed and whole. I hadn’t felt that way in I don’t know how long.  When I was leaving the office and she walked me to the elevator I almost didn’t ask her what it was she did, but I ended up doing so.  I asked, what did you do to me, and she answered with a very simple: “Reiki, all you need to know is Reiki.” I hope those were the exact words, I think they were. I came away from that facial wanting to do what she did. It wasn’t until January of 2004 that I did take that first level one class.  I will always remember more than anything about that fateful day the feeling of complete wholeness.  It’s a feeling I can achieve through my daily self-practice. It was my first direct experience of the amazing effects of the system of Reiki.

Feel free to leave in the comments about your first experience with the system of Reiki.




2 thoughts on “Thinking back to my first experience with Reiki

  1. Hey Candice! That’s funny–Corrine just showed me her blog post on her first time yesterday too and it inspired me to tell my story! I’ll let you know when I post it!

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