Reiju, practice, growth and inspiration

Last night at a meetup, someone mentioned someone else was really into Reiju. My quick reply was so am I. What this meant was that I really like Reiju. I find it to be a wonderful experience allowing me to go deeper into my practice and my self. What I did not mean by this statement was that I think Reiju is more powerful or superior over the other elements of the system or that it should be the emphasis of the practice. Some thoughts around Reiju are things like without Reiju you can not practice hands on healing. When you look at the history of hands on healing you can see it has been practiced from the dawn of time and it is not something new or unique to the system of Reiki. Another thing I did not mean by that statement was that Reiju should be the only element of practice. Each element that makes up the system of Reiki is a way for us to connect with ourselves on a deeper level. I don’t think I could choose which element was better to work with/practice or utilise than the others.(Though I lean towards the Precepts being the ultimate.) Each is great for meeting certain needs of each individual practitioner based on their own life history and experiences. Some will be drawn to certain practices and elements than others. I am drawn to the Precepts, and jumon techniques and Reiju, that doesn’t mean I don’t use the other elements. It just means those are the ones I am like using the most right now and getting a lot from at the moment. I am sure it will change, and I am open to that. I think by being open and listening to yourself and the guidance of your teacher you can go deeper within.

One reason I have been into Reiju a lot lately is because I am doing the Reiju/Attunement class with Frans Stiene my amazingly fantastic teacher. The level he is at spiritually is inspiring. It helps show me with commitment to my practice I can get there too one day.  We have had 2 weeks of class and homework to do. This has brought me a deeper understanding fo Reiju and its practice. I know there is so much more to internalize and see on my own, but the class really helps point you in the right direction for contemplation and real practice. In week one of the class I learned some things that I hadn’t previously known about the history of Reiju. It helps make my personal thoughts and feelings on the subject click with what is known. This was great!

I know I can always go deeper and there is still so much to experience and that my practice still has a ton to teach me. I know with dedication/devotion to my practice I may one day get to the spiritual level of Usui Sensei or Frans. It’s a goal of mine and not for my ego-though it would love to be able to say I am an accomplished spiritual practitioner-the ego won’t have much hold then, though (a whole other post). It is a goal because of the benefits of the practice and being at that level spiritually is beautiful and amazing and the way we handle and experience life there looks wonderful. It’s a place I want to be all the time! So it’s up to me to practice, practice, practice all the elements of the system, no one else can get me there! (Though guidance and support from amazing people certainly helps!) I already see and live the benefits from my practice now, and can only imagine what it could be like with continued practice by looking at those who have been there before and continue to grow and go deeper themselves.


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