My Children, My Practice

It’s such a blessing to be able to teach this beautiful system.  I learn so much from each class and each student.  I feel so grateful and blessed. I know I just did a post this morning, but I feel inspired to share this!

In a discussion today about what my practice means to me, I came to the conclusion that it means as much to me as my children do.  If you are a parent, you know the kind of love and dedication you feel for your kids. I feel this way about my practice too. I just hadn’t put it into words like that until today. Actually I hadn’t put it together that way before.  My kids mean the world to me. Everything I do, every decision, action I take there is always the question, how will this affect my kids? It’s there in everything. And today having this ah-ha moment so is my Reiki practice. It is there with me in every action and decision I make. I may not be in the space of oneness at all times or anywhere near as often as I would like, but my practice is with me. It is my life and my life is my practice.  It holds as much court as my kids. That is why it was so hard for me to make the decision to not attend the Shinpiden class in California this year. The two share equal importance in my life. In the end I stayed home, so in the future I can go.

I had known previously my life had become my practice, but I hadn’t thought about what that truly means to me this deeply before. It may mean other things to other people, for me it acknowledges the commitment and love I have for my practice. It puts into words the greatness of it all. For me to have my kids, it’s truly a blessing. It’s also truly a blessing to work on myself with such an amazing spiritual practice. I know being a parent you are constantly learning from experience and learning about yourself. The exact same words can be said about practicing the system of Reiki. For both the kids and my practice, I am a better person, they teach me well!


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