Two weeks ago I woke up with a head cold, and I still have some congestion from it. My practiced suffered as a result. I still did hands on healing every day, but I could not do the chanting or breathing techniques for a while. I was so stuffy and congested. Boy what a difference it is when the “regular” routine is not done. I can really feel it energetically. It makes me see how each technique has a different way of working towards the same goal. I believe that each person will be drawn to each technique for different reasons and will like each one at different times for different reason. I really like the adaptability that the 5 elements that make up the system of Reiki are. In any given situation we have a toolbox from which to pick what we feel/choose that we see fit for it. With this head cold I mostly had hands on healing and the Precepts. I did attempt to chant many times and sometimes it worked others not so much. By work I mean I was able to chant without getting a weird stuffy throat and nose. Even with the accessibility of hands on healing some days I just felt like I couldn’t or didn’t want to do it. I would tell myself to just try for 5 minutes and if I didn’t feel like it anymore than that was it. I didn’t want to force it. Some days when this happened I lasted only the 5 minutes and other times I ended up going for much longer . I am grateful I have this practice and can grow from here. I see my practice as a foundation from which I experience life.

Sometimes this foundation is shaken from things going on in life. I have a special needs child and this past week was a doozy for us! Friday we had somethings happens at school that were very upsetting to all of us a s a family because of the impact they had on my child.  We spent Saturday as a family taking time out of all the things we have planned for the weekends. We spent the day in nature. My son needed this and so did the rest of us. Having 3 children keeps us busy and often always on the go. I made a choice though many years ago that we would always have a grounded foundation as a family to support our children and in truth I am not sure that would be possible without my commitment to my practice or my husbands to his Bagua practice. We learn as we go as parents and it’s the same for Reiki practitioners we learn as we go within our practice. I know my children are still young and so is my Reiki practice. Together my practice helps me be the best mom I can be for my family. Yet through my practice I am so much better able to handle all the craziness life with 3 children can bring. I see this with the events that happened this past week. I think they hit a little harder for me because I wasn’t quite where I usually am within my practice. I was still  able to remain grounded and let go of the anger from the events, but I didn’t feel as connected to my practice as I usually am.  This is a new day and with every new moment I aim to hold awareness of my practice in everything I do. I know that through this the next big event my special needs child or my other 2 kids have I will be that much more able to see it for what it really is and do what I need to for not only myself but my family. I know the best things that I have are my family and my Reiki practice and my health. Thankfully I am not as congested and feel better each day. My family weathered the storm and so did my practice from not being able to do it the way I normally do. Life is good!



One thought on “Life

  1. Thank you for sharing this Candice. Your dedication to your practice is a continuing inspiration to me….and to let go, to rededicate to my practice when I’m not feeling as well as I’d like.

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