The most important part of my practice is my practice!

          A big lesson I keep learning is that no matter what comes up my daily self-practice is what really matters.  Above and beyond creating a successful teaching and treatment business is making the commitment to myself. Sometimes I get side tracked with trying to expand and build the business side of my practice. I love teaching and offering treatments, though neither happens as much as I would like them to! I know that in time when the time is right it will all work out. It will as long as I am setting the intent and acting on that intent to implement all the ideas I have in my head. I notice I start to focus more outwardly rather than inward on myself. I keep practicing, but there seems to be an air of more importance on building the business side over my self-growth. This is where I get into trouble. When I lose sight of the fact that the most important aspect of the system is personal growth and development. Usui created this system as a way for people to work on themselves in a simple easy to follow method.

          At the core of the system it is a spiritual practice. That is what this blog is about, my journey on my spiritual path with the system of Reiki. Losing sight of this anyone can run into trouble, having the focus outwards we miss so many opportunities for growth. Last night as I was meditating this blog post came to me. I think partly because I have conversations about this often. And just this week I had an email exchange about this topic. I have also had email discussions about this with my teacher when I wonder and ask why it is not all coming together and what I can do. I get gentle reminders that it will come when the time is right if I keep on planning and scheduling things, and above all that, that I remain focused on my personal practice.

          I have been looking within myself a lot more lately in a willingness to open myself up to my true nature. (The whole point of my practice) I know that I cannot get to and be in a space of non-duality without dedication and practice. When I think about it, almost nothing comes immediately to a person. We have to work on it to either keep up the practice and space created or to go deeper. It doesn’t matter what it is. Bike riding, photography, crochet, computers, we have to keep learning or applying what we gained through experience to move along the path. Beginners mind AGAIN!  This comes up all the time more and more it seems. So I guess what I am trying to say is don’t forget that a personal practice is the center of this system. Something I need to remind myself from time to time. How far can we get without it? How can we work with others whether teaching or doing treatments without our own personal practice? I have no idea!

          The deeper we go within, the more doors open up for us in ways we cannot even imagine. More and more layers are revealed to us shedding more and more light on to our true selves, making our sparkling diamond shine even brighter. I gain so much from my practice even though at times I feel like it seems to be taking forever to get to be where I want to be. This is where taking stalk of all I gave gained and accomplished comes in handy. I take a really good look at my life. I ask questions like: How have I changed? What have I done to make this or that happen? Am I satisfied with where I am? How has my practice affected others around me? Usually after doing this I feel better about all of it.

          I know I will continue to strive to build the business and teaching side of the system. I know I will be able to handle what happens with that either way because I have a solid personal practice which matters more. It’s the only way I even feel comfortable about doing treatments or teaching. I wouldn’t be able to offer either without a strong commitment to myself and my practice and I think that is the way it should be. I also know there will still be times when my focus shifts from inner to outer, though I hope it will be less frequent. Ask yourself, what is your main focus within your practice?

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3 thoughts on “The most important part of my practice is my practice!

  1. Beautiful article, Candice!

    You talk about trying to build the teaching and treatment side of practice… Remember Yoda? Do or do not, there is no try. Well, he was sort of right and sort of wrong. The more I work with Reiki practice, the more clear it becomes to me that it is not something I do. It is what I am. The “do not” is the real key that opens the door. Perhaps he really meant to ask, ‘to Be, or not to Be. That is the question.’

    Teaching and treating are “doing” words. The trick (I think) is to make them into states of being, and that is through personal practice, as you state so eloquently! The state of Being that is cultivated through practice puts you in the space of being present to teach and treat. When you are in that space, students and clients will flow to you.

    Willingness is required – willingness to act when the Energy prompts. The ability to HEAR that prompting comes from personal practice. As does the courage to act.

    I would state further that ‘acting’ when it is appropriate is not necessarily the same as “doing”. ‘Doing’ is analyzing your market, planning your budget, posting flyers, building websites. ‘Acting’ is accepting an unexpected opportunity to talk about what traditional Reiki at a public event…

    Well, *this* is a rather long comment.. THANK YOU for your thoughts, Candice!
    Trish (your northern neighbor!)

    • Trish, You are absolutely right teaching and treating are doing words. I have found in the past that when I stop “doing” that is when everything flows the most. I agree it is through our practice that we gain the ability to listen and flow with the flow. I think after all this time I am at a place where I could act upon things like talking at events or whatever comes my way. I could not be in this space had I not committed to my practice. The Precepts are huge for this, well everything thing is, but the using a filter of the Precepts over everything has made a huge impact on me. Well each element has in it’s own way. I think that will be a future blog post!
      Thank you Trish for your words of wisdom! I appreciate it so much! I love hearing from others, it always sheds new light on things allowing others to see things in a new way!
      P.S. Can’t wait until I can make it up there and see all the changes you made! The pics are great!

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