Creating a daily practice

Creating a daily practice

As a system of Reiki practitioner one of the most important things you can do is create a consistent practice. It is our daily practice with the system that is our true teacher. When we sit in a space fully open to receive whatever it is that we may need we open the door to immeasurable possibilities for growth and change. It is through this practice we can really explore and learn about who we are at our core, the essence of our being, our true nature. True nature? What’s that? It’s the essence of who we are perfect balanced shining diamonds.  At the core we are perfect beings, balanced, relaxed and full of love living moment to moment not in the past or future. When utilizing the system of Reiki getting to know each element like you are the element takes what my teachers refer to as the 3 P’s- Persistence, Patience, Perseverance. Without a consistent commitment to yourself and working with the system you will experience growth and be able to let go and be in the moment more and more. Sure you can practice periodically and still have the same benefits, it can take a lot longer though. Now I know that creating a lifelong practice seems very daunting and even a bit tiresome. It is well worth it! My first suggestion though is to not look at it like this huge commitment. Take it moment by moment. The following are some good tips to try in creating your routine.

          Pick a time to do your practice, whether it is day or evening set a time to sit and do your practice. Leave it open-ended and sit for as long as you can. Both morning and evening are great. I see many benefits in each time of day. If you can do both! Some days it may be 5 minutes others an hour or more. If you are busy with family life or other commitments set a timer for yourself. Start with 5 minutes and aim for at least 20 over a 3 week period.  Give yourself permission to take this time for yourself. Yes you deserve it and mores need it! Being a mom it has often been hard for me to carve out time for myself until I came to realize that for me to be there for the family I need to take care of myself. Usui is quoted as saying, “If you can’t heal yourself, how can you heal others.” This is so true; we must take time for ourselves to really be with or of service to others. Do not feel guilty if you sit for only 5 minutes at a time, or for not as long as you wish you could. I say in my classes 2 minutes of practice is better than zero! Take moments throughout the day to breathe into your Hara or focus on the Precepts. Do hands on healing while waiting in line at the bank. You always have your breath, hands and mind with you. Use them throughout the day to fit in little bits of practice and feel the difference. Create a space in your house that you can claim as your practice space. It doesn’t have to big or fancy or filled with sacred artifacts. Make sure it is some place you can go and do your practice quietly with minimal distraction. Make sure to let those you live with know your practice is special to you. Having the support of other family members is great. Talk with significant others about their interests and make room for theirs as they will be more willing to make room for yours if you do the same. If you have small children it may be best to wait until they are sleeping for you to begin your daily practice. This will minimize the interruptions. If you do get interrupted try staying in the space created by your practice and when you can come back to it. Work on not getting upset about the interruptions. In time you will find they do not bother you.

          Set short goals for yourself. Small ones are less daunting and easier to commit to. Some small goals would be sitting for 3 days or one week at a time. If looking at your practice and seeing it as a lifelong commitment seems huge and unmanageable these short goals will help so much. Another way to help support your practice is to reach out and find a group of like-minded practitioners to meet with on a regular basis. If no groups are available in your area consider starting one yourself. I did this. After years of going to many Reiki exchanges I decided to start one myself to ensure the goings on were in line with the branch and lineage I practice under. If that seems too much for you, do seek out a group even if they do not practice the same way you do, getting together for treatments or to meditate is amazing and wonderful. Group meet ups are fabulous for inspiring you to keep going. Others in the group may be going through the same things as you.

          All in all sticking to a daily practice will change your life. It may be more subtle than you think, but re-assessing your daily life from time to time will shed light on how you have changed. Keep in contact with your teachers. Quality teachers will make themselves available to their students and others for support and guidance. They can offer further insight into your practice too. You may want to consider finding a new teacher if your does not offer ongoing support. This can help so much in staying committed. Take classes or workshops offered by your teachers. I do this and it not only helps me stay committed and motivated, but I gain so much from each class and the people in each class. It helps me to go deeper into myself and the system of Reiki. I am sure there are more tips to creating a daily practice and staying committed. If you have any tips or ides and anything that helps you stay motivated to practice PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT! I want to hear from you! We learn from each other’s experiences! Share yours!

May you have a wonderful daily practice and reap the benefits of this beautiful system!



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HI! I am seeing a lot of views and no comments! PLEASE share you tips and ideas, we all benefit from sharing with each other! Thanks!

With much gratitude Candice


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