Through Experience the Words Will Come

Through Experience the Words Will Come

For many years now I have had a hard time with using/finding the correct words to say when talking about the system of Reiki. For me the system is very much experiential than intellectual. Of course to practice effectively you need to have an intellectual awareness of what you are doing. A lot of the learning that happens within the system of Reiki is through the experience you have or the outcome of your personal practice. So over the years having learned so much from my practice I find it at times very hard to explain some things to people not familiar with or new to the Classical Japanese aspects of the system.  I take many classes offered by The International House of Reiki ( for post Shinpiden education and further growth. Each class is amazing and wonderful and I always come away with a new found lesson learned or new insight in to myself or my practice. Well I am taking the Symbols and Mantras web class on Wednesdays. We have done 2 weeks of 4 and I feel like I have learned so much for the class and others taking the class.

          Week one of the web class was very insightful for me. I discovered a few ah-ha moments. You know the one’s where something you knew conceptually becomes new knowledge because you now have had a direct experience of it. This is something that happens within the system with con tined practiced and education. I learn something that at first is a concept that I think I grasp, then through my practice or specific exercises in class I gain a direct experience which take it from merely a concept to direct knowledge. Through this I gain my very own personal experience and the words to go with it. This makes it so much easier when teaching or talking to someone and getting my point across. During a meditation session the same day as day 1 of the class this thought came to me copied from my personal journal I write in after meditation:

“Now I realize through my practice the words will come as a result of the direct experiences I will have with the system. With practice and experience the words will come. My own words not someone else’s.”   This is HUGE to me. The best way I can be true to myself and those I talk to is to be able to speak directly from experience. By having direct experiences of concepts within the system of Reiki gives me the confidence and commitment to speak clearly from my own point of view. This is something I think every teacher and practitioner should strive for.

The only way we can get to this place of personal knowledge is to keep practicing and working with the system and reading, taking more classes with your teacher and learning new concepts to aim towards understanding.  Being able to check in with your teacher who is also working and furthering themselves and working with their teachers helps to see where you are. They can offer new concepts to ponder, and exercises that will unknowingly to you lead you to having that direct experience that you need to have to be able to talk the talk. I can relate this to crochet or photography; you have to keep doing a certain stitch or playing with exposures until you know them and can explain them to someone else. So I say keep on practicing and gaining your very own direct experience so you have personal knowledge to pass on and grow from!




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