The flu!

This past week my family, minus one had the flu. I am getting better slowly but surely. Boy can I tell you my practice came in handy. The first few days when I could only lay down with body aches and all the usual flu goodies I kept my hands in constant contact with my aching head. Sometimes I would move them to other areas as I felt the need. What a gift to give myself at a time I really needed care and love! I would also do some breathing techniques and on a day or two of feeling like I could be upright and out of bed I even did my Jumon techniques/meditations. Now my voice hurts too much to do them today. I am sure I will be back at it again tomorrow though! I tell the students I have taught, it’s in the times when things are crazy when we need to stick to our practice. Of course it helps to do it all the time, even making/learning life is our practice. This post though is about the flu and the comfort of having this wonderful spiritual practice to call on and rely on when you just plain ol’ feel like poo! I had forgotten how awful you could feel with this illness. I felt bad for my family and every chance I got I would offer Reiki treatments or tell them to do one for themself as we all laid around.

Over the years I have seen my Reiki practice mold and shift to fit me exclusively like a glove. It has a beautiful way of fitting exactly how you need it at any moment in time when you are open and aware of it. I know many people who use prayer or other spiritual practices to get them through hard times and for me my practice is just like that. In times when we are feeling so awful and hurting from illness, our practice is something that can lift the dark clouds away and show the light or who we truly are. It can guide us to where we need to go. It is a reminder of who I am and where I am headed. Using the elements of the system of Reiki as focus tools while feeling so bad with the flu helped me stay in the present moment and just be. And truth be told hit helped me know that there would be a light at the end of this. I guess you could say that my practices helped me see the positive in this whole family (minus 1) getting the flu.  I was able to be grateful that we were not as sick as a few years ago, when I think we all had H1N1. That time was just horrendous. It gave me something to do that was positive, and made me feel like I could help my family even just a bit. Imagine being a mom and feeling as awful as your children and wanting them to feel better. Knowing they felt pretty close to the way you felt and wanting to offer comfort to them. That is when I would lay with them and do some hands on or sometimes hands off if we were feverish.  It’s a great way as a parent to know that it helps bring comfort to your little ones not only in times like these, but whenever.

I think I will stop here for now. I need to lay down again,and drink some more water. To sum it all up: My practice has helped not only me but my family as a whole as we went through the flu together. I am grateful to have it not only in times of good, but also in bad. We really shouldn’t label things as good or bad though that is a whole other post I will write soon!




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