Last day of the January Shoden series, some thoughts


Today I finished day 4 of the 4 day series for Shoden level 1 Reiki training. I am so grateful to be able to teach this wonderful system to others. To be able to see someone start their journey with this system is great. Experiencing a Reiju for the first time, well four times in Shoden is wonderful to see. I come to each class with an intent and openness to learn as much as the students. I see how I have changed since the last class I taught. I see the things I want to change about how I present things. I see how I want to add ways to make it easier to do something’s like logging practice time and journaling and homework.

I have found that my connection to the Precepts shine through and support the teaching process. I trust that what I am trying to convey comes through to each student and that they each get/take what they need from each part of the class. It is sometimes difficult to convey something’s that can only be truly understood through experience. This is why I make sure to provide a lot of hands on experience for every technique in the manual they take home. I want them to have truly experienced the system by the end of the series.

 I have been questioning lately the format of the classes. Is having them spread out over 4 weeks beneficial or can I do it over a shorter period of time and ensure they really get to experience the system. My thinking for the spread out time relates to the idea that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. So in having the classes spread out the students get a nudge to keep practicing knowing we will discuss it the following Saturday. And they have a sort of focused energy on the class and their practice during this time. I provide and offer support after classes, but seeing me 4 times in a 4 week period allows students to ask questions that arise from their practice or contemplations and the rest of the people (if there are more than one) benefit from the exchange of questions and answers. I also require attending one practice evening for Shoden and some other homework or self-work before I will give a student a certificate. Having the class over 4 weeks means it usually spans over the third Wednesday practice night I host for level I and up. This allows students to meet others who practice the system and build upon the community we have growing here. I think so far I will stick to this format and add somehow another series of classes during the week, but maybe stretched out longer like 2 hours one night a week for 8 weeks. This will allow for those who work weekends or cannot meet for 4 hours at a time an option to grow and begin their journey with the system.

I absolutely LOVE teaching and helping to grow the system of Reiki community. I look forward to many more students and classes! I know I will learn more with each class taught. As I continue my practice and each student continues theirs we are able to go deeper in each class. This is one reason why I offer each student the ability to resit a class of the same level for free. I may change in this the future to a discount, but still a great benefit. My teachers offer this too and it is a great way to grow and build upon the knowledge and experience from the last class and continued practice up until the next class.

I am thankful I was able to teach another class. I would love to hear others teaching stories and how they have grown through teaching.




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