Walking the walk

There is a great book called The Essence of Shinto Japan’s Spiritual Heart by Motohisa Yamakage. On page 42 it talks about how the mental attitude of someone who is truly committed versus  someone just talking about sermons and rituals and not deeply committed is more impactful in connecting to others. This got me thinking about really walking the walk rather than just talking the talk. In so many ways it is very important to be persistent and committed to our practice. We can talk until we are blue in the face about what a wonderful spiritual practice the system of Reiki is, it is only when we truly experience the practice and are fully committed that our life changes drastically. We start to live the precepts. Live will less anger and less worry. We are more humble and compassionate to not only ourselves but others. When we have made this commitment and we have changed we are now walking the walk. The less we need to talk about the system and it’s techniques or elements. The more people can see from how we live and approach life in all it’s many forms how wonderful and impactful the system is. We radiate our true nature for the world to see and this is evidence enough that the system is amazing and wonderful and worth practicing, being patient and persistent. Our mental attitude changes, we become balanced at all levels. We are able to face whatever life throws our way from a clear and balanced point of view.  It becomes less about what it is we are doing and more about what we are getting from it than anything.  This shows in how we live, how we practice and how we interact with others. Truly walking the walk is something I think can be hard to do. Committing to a practice, allowing ourself to take notice of the  greatness we are and letting us accept that we deserve it are obstacles that can get in the way. It starts there though. Even if we just give ourself 5 minutes here and there throughout the day to practice is better than nothing at all. This will lead us to walking the walk. Sure it may take longer than someone who can fully commit to practice for hours on end with out family commitments or a job or schooling. For each individual it will take a unique amount of time. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Frequently look back on your life both from the pre practice life to now, how have you changed? Are you living the precepts more and more? Are you able to walk the walk? Or do you talk the talk?  I make myself this promise: I will continue to practice daily, I deserve it, and I will be persistent and patient. May you walk the walk and reap the benefits of this beautiful system!




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