Connecting and being in and open space a recent experience…

Two Wednesdays a month I host a meet up for Classical Japanese Reiki practitioners. This past Wednesday we met and had a lovely time. I am the one to usually offer Reiju (spiritual blessing). This time
I asked to receive Reiju sonic it had been a while since I had received Reiju done by someone other than myself. One person did Reiju for the group of us. We always start with a meditation to help us be in a more open space before Reiju and the rest of the evening events. Being in an open space allows us to be really connected to each other and the energy. Right as the person doing the ritual of Reiju got up I immediately felt a surge of energy rush through me. My heart started thumping so fast, I immediately brought the precepts to mind as this surge of energy and the swirling feeling gong through me was a bit shocking because it was so intense. With the precepts in mind and my intent being to be open to receive whatever it is that I may need at this exact moment in my life my body relaxed and I felt a deep connection. At the same time I felt so grounded and connected with Earth energy. I actually felt like a fighter pilot pressed into my seat like they are when traveling at Mach speed. It was an intense and beautiful experience. What I walked away with most was the glimpse and experience of such a deep connection with someone and with the energy and my true nature. I know I can’t put into words the feeling or “grandness” of the experience. I know deep healing is taking place as a result of allowing myself to be so open connected. In those few minutes I was so deeply connected and fully became the precepts. It is these experiences that drive me forward with my lactic of the system. Not because the feeling is always this great, but because I know I am working on myself and letting go of things I no longer need. Clearing my garden hose of all the rubbish stuck in the hose, allowing for more water (Reiki) to flow freely through me. I am grateful for the experience and for the other person to be in such an open space and for us coming together in this space.




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