So many ideas of what Reiki and the system of Reiki mean, A look at my journey for facts. (and my ideas for the future)

Browsing the internet I come across many, many variations of not only the word Reiki, but the definition of the system as a whole. For someone looking into this Spiritual practice for the first time it can be really confusing. I can remember when I first heard the word Reiki. It was on an online forum for pregnant moms who had “due dates” all in the same month. Someone mentioned how they wanted to learn Reiki and couldn’t find a teacher they liked. I thought to myself. “Hmm wonder what it is sounds neat.” This was in 2001, the info on the internet was not very clear as to what the system was and what the word meant. At the time the founder of the system Usui Mikao (written traditionally) was widely called Dr. Usui and said to be Christian. I was excited though even reading about the little bit of what I could find.  Jump ahead to 2004 when I took my first level 1 class. I was amazed and enthralled by this practice and knew immediately I would want to share this with EVERYONE and ANYONE! I knew I would someday become a teacher. I can remember clearly the day a friend came to our house and I told  him the story I was taught, and in that moment I felt funny repeating it, it didn’t  make sense. Even for what little knowledge I had about Japan and Japanese history, it didn’t fit. I knew I had to continue my practice and also keep seeking out more FACTS. I say FACTS and not TRUTH because I believe truth is relevent to each individual based on their life experiences. FACT is FACT. I needed concrete knowledge. Still the internet at this time was full of misinformation. I don’t think that anyone was misrepresenting the system on purpose, but passing down what they learned and practiced.  I still believe that this is true today. I kept furthering my knowledge and taking classes. I took my level 1 again with level 2 in a weekend in Sedona, Az. in 2005. Sedona is amazing, the trip and class was life changing. In 2006 I ventured up to Fort Collins and took the Advanced Reiki training and Master training. I could never wrap my head around the term master though and still do not use the term. But was really excited to be at the teacher level so I could begin working towards teaching others this life changing system.  The deeper I got into the system the more I craved fact. Though new information was out there by this time, I still felt like something was missing though I didn’t know what. I knew that this practice was so much more than the hands on healing that was really the only thing I saw people promoting. I really didn’t see anyone stating what an amazing SELF practice it is. Then dant, dant da, na!!! I found The Reiki Sourcebook by my teachers Bronwen and Frans Stiene! Okay so I already knew the system of Reiki was a life changer, let me tell you, this book was just as much of a life changer as the system! I read it in a matter of days and immediately knew I had to take a class with Bronwen and Frans. I emailed them about coming to Colorado, and how to make a class happen. They replied with someone was putting together a class in Colorado Springs, details to come. I tried really, really hard not to email them constantly to know more. I don’t know if they saw it the same way, but in retrospect I think I may have emailed them more than I needed to. Some may call it hounding, I call it consistent inquiry. He, he, he. I tried hard not to bug the hosts of the class either, again I say with consistent inquiries, not hounding.

 March 2008 LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE!!! Within the first 20 minutes of the Shinpiden class, I knew I had found the missing piece to my puzzle! I can remember breaking for lunch and telling my husband this was it, this is what I have been missing!!! I am so grateful for the research and work that Bronwen and Frans have put into their books, teachings, and life to bring the roots of the system to the forefront of the teachings, where the focus of the system should be.  I know that there are more and more practitioners and teachers seeking out the facts and roots of the system as they were taught and practiced to the best of our knowledge by Usui Mikao. I do know as time goes on more facts about the system will come out. I can say that I think it helps immensely to educate ourself about the era and country where the system was founded. It helps to give us an idea of what Usui Mikao was surrounded by and how the elements relate to other aspects of the culture during that time period in that specific location of the world. This alone will help someone to see what a completely Japanese practice this is, though any one in any place in the world can benefit from its practice.

Okay so this brings me back to the internet and browsing and finding so much misinformation about FACT.  An example of this, I was looking at Traditional Reiki stuff on a social networking site. Someone said that Hatsurei ho and Joshin Kokyu ho were the exact same technique. This is misinformation. FACT- they are not the same technique, though Joshin Kokyu ho is a PART of Hatsurei ho they are not the same technique. In my quest to know as much as I can about the system of Reiki I have searched and read many, many sites. Many of these have a very different views of what the system is. Sadly most sites focus on hands on healing and not the spiritual side which for me is the main focus of my practice. Why does any of this even matter? Well it matters to me because I know there are many people coming to the internet to find out more information about the system. What a confusing situation for these people. I know, I was one of them. I deeply believe everyone will find the right branch of the system for them. My only wish is that each branch clearly state what is from the roots of the system and what has been added on over the years. Like I said before, I do not think anyone is intentionally passing on misinformation on purpose. I feel though that we in the Reiki community need to come together as a whole and put some factual information together for anyone new coming to the system. What is and isn’t the foundational practices and why we incorporate non foundational practices in under the name Reiki. We as a whole need to recognize that the word Reiki literally translated means SPIRITUAL ENERGY, and see how that relates to the system as a Spiritual practice. Also as a whole we need to educate ourself about the life and time of the founder of the system. Like I said before when we do this we can see how the system is truly a Japanese practice. This will help people see where many add ons like Chakras while they are very good systems and practices they are not a part of the roots of the system and do not belong under the system of Reiki.  Of course this is MY personal desires for the directions of the system. Everyone has their own truth and this is mine. I have searched out facts and continue to do so. I read as much as I can about Japanese culture, I keep in contact with my teachers and keep taking classes to learn more. I know more facts will come to the surface and they main change the global view of the system. Maybe all the practices under the name of the system of Reiki that are not truly the foundation of the practice will fall away from the name or gain a new name, and the foundational practices backed by facts will be what the system is known for globally! A unified community of teachers and practitioners! This thought makes me so happy, you have no idea!Afterall isn’t that what the system is about? Oneness and non-duality. If you want to know more about what is a foundational practice and what has been added on and from what branch I  can not recommend enough The Reiki Sourcebook by Bronwen and Frans Stiene. I know of no other book or resource besides their website to go for FACTUAL, RESEARCHED information about the system of Reiki .
I know you may not agree with me about any of this that is fine. I am hoping to open up conversation and thoughts about the system that may have not been brought up for you before, or maybe they have and now is the time for you to begin your search for the FACTS! I will say once again, every being finds what is right for them in that exact moment. In this moment this is what is my truth and right for me. I can not say it will or will not change later. Right after my first level one class I was on a completely different path than I am now. I wish you well on your search for facts! I say don’t give up, remain open and what you need will come when you work from the right intentions. Feel free to email me, comment here if you want to know more or want to say you think I am wrong or right or whatever you feel like saying to me or asking me!

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