Okuden class!

I have yet to teach an Okuden class, and I REALLY want to! I have dates set aside for an upcoming class I hope to fill with level 1 practitioners! http://www.meetup.com/ColoradoTraditionalReiki/calendar/14280646/?a=ce1c_grp&rv=ce1c
Sometimes I wonder if I am going over the top with my eagerness to teach. If you see this happening with me, please let me know! It’s just that I can’t help myself sometimes, I really LOVE the system of Reiki and all that has happened to me and around me as a result of my practice. I know the system intimately and have had such deep personal experiences with the practice, I want others to reap the benefits and growth gained from working with the system. If you are a Reiki practitioner from any lineage and want to practice and learn Classical Japanese Reiki and create a life long practice with someone who may or may not be overly zealous in wanting to be the best teacher and practitioner they can be, sign up for a class with me. If you are new to the system take the Shoden class. I can not promise I won’t get dreamy eyed and giddy as I talk about the system of Reiki though! I can promise I will be real and talk from the heart and from personal experience!

2 thoughts on “Okuden class!

  1. Candice – anyone would be lucky to have you as their teacher! I so enjoy our Reiki shares and admire your commitment to practicing the traditional Japanese form of Reiki. Good luck with your level II class.

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