The Five Elements of the system of Reiki and their importance (to me):

At the root of the system of Reiki are the five elements that make up the foundational practices. They are The Precepts, meditations and techniques, symbols and mantras, Reiju (Commonly called the attunement) and finally the one most people associate the word Reiki with, hands on healing.  Individually each of these are very powerful transformative tools. When combined together with proper instruction and training from a qualified teacher and integrating them daily into life, WATCH OUT!!! They make a path to self realisation, enlightenment, our true nature.  It really is amazing how these five elements seeming so simple can immensely change a person and their life in so many ways.  I can only speak for myself and from my personal experience with each of the five elements. On their own they are wonderful, but when combined  like I said before, WATCH OUT! The precepts are a huge part of my daily life, they are something I can carry with me in every moment, thought and action. The Precepts have helped me in more ways than I can count and probably in more ways than I can even see. Working with them on a daily basis over the last 2+ years since the Shinpiden class in March 2008, I have become less worried, more calm, and more open. The meditations and techniques help me remember my true nature, they help me create and be in that space of non-duality and oneness. I find that the more I work with the meditations and techniques the easier it is becoming to take that space with me after I am off the Seiza bench. There seems to be less separation of life and my practice. The more I work with the system as a whole the more I see there is no difference in life and meditation or the feeling and space created by meditation. The symbols and mantras have helped me over time to connect with my practice and the energy.  They truly are wonderful tools to work with to help with the connection to certain practices and aspects of the system. I have come to a point though where I don’t “need” them to make those connections anymore. Nonetheless they are wonderful tools to be used for growth and connection. Reiju, Ah Reiju! Reiju, translated from Japanese means Spiritual Blessing, and the name serves it well! Reiju is a really hard one to put into words, I know the feelings and the many blessings I have had as a result from Reiju. I guess I could say it is like a very powerful connection and reminder of our true nature in a somewhat short amount of time that sticks with you for the rest of your life. The peace, calm, and profundity of Reiju is beyond words, and should be experienced by all. Sometimes I feel like I am swaying in a current of energy, sometimes I feel like I am a baby being swaddled by a loving mother, sometimes I feel like I am on a rollercoaster with all sorts of stuff being stirred up in the wake of a Reiju. I know it all means further self growth and movement along this beautiful path. Hands on healing is something I left for last on purpose, it is what I feel many people know the system for. Hands on healing is a wonderful way to feel connected, relaxed and balanced. Even though it may be the most popular element it is just that, one element of five that make up the system. Hands on healing for me as a mother is wonderful, what better way to help a little one when they are hurt or upset? Hands on healing treatments are an amazing tool to help bring about wholeness. They are very relaxing either when done to yourself or by some one else. We have a small group of us who meet monthly for Meditations and techniques  and also at another meeting we share hands on or slightly off treatments with each other. I have to tell you this last gathering, my time on the table and the whole night afterwards were spent in a state of bliss beyond the imagination. This often happens for me with all the other elements of the system too! So to sum up my thoughts: The Precepts walk hand in hand with me at every moment of every day. The techniques and meditations help create and remind me of my true nature. The symbols and mantras have helped me make the connection. Reiju is indeed a huge spiritual blessing. And hands on healing is a great tool to feel relaxed and connected, balanced. Actually each element helps me feel connected and balanced, each reminds me of my true nature, oneness and non duality.

If you think this sounds great and want to take a class, I am more than willing to teach you! I have received so many life changing benefits, and feel I have grown so much through my practice, I want to share this system with as many of you as possible. Or if you have any questions feel free to ask! 




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