Always expanding and growing

Hello world! I am always thinking of ways I can expand and better my business. I want to offer the highest quality training, classes and treatments! With this in mind I strive to further myself through my practice of the system. I try to take every class offered by my teachers at The International House of Reiki. I do this not only to help further myself, but to get a different perspective than my own to contemplate for future workshops and classes. I read about Japanese culture and how life was during the time the founder of the system of Reiki lived. I read about what is happening now, not only within the community that practices the system from a Japanese perspective, but also the modern versions of the system. I think it is really wise to know all about the system, where it was and where it is headed. I love to hear about personal stories from practitioners from all over the world. I love hearing about other workshops, classes, presentations.
My passion for the system keeps growing daily. I hope through my passion and the ideas swirling around my head that Colorado Reiki, LLC keeps growing and offers the best I can offer! Be on the look out for new workshops and classes.
Don’t forget if you are having an auction or fundraiser contact me through my website I may have things to donate.


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