Upcoming classes for 2010! Check it out and sign up!

I am really excited to offer more classes! I hope you will join me for either the Shoden level 1 class or if you are already a practitioner and want to take your practice to a deeper level Okuden level 2. For each class you are given a manual written by my teachers, the founders of The International House of Reiki, Bronwen and Frans Stiene. After completing the course requirements and attending all days of training and required meet ups you will receive a beautiful certificate! I offer on going support via online, email, texting, phone, in person. I look forward to helping you start your journey with this life changing beautiful spiritual practice! My focus is the roots of the system, the foundational elements that are the heart and soul of the system of Reiki. I strive to teach to the best of my ability with an open heart and open mind. My goal is to give you tools you can utilise for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! I want you to come away from class having truly experienced what was taught. With this goal in mind, we do a lot of hands on work, meaning practicing every meditation taught, really working with the system so you have a good grasp on the practice and leave class confident in your knowledge and skills to practice at home and in life. As said before I am still always here for you should you need or want more support or further training or classes. If you feel you are ready to begin this journey, let’s chat, email or whatever to see if I am the right fit for you!

Class info:


FAQ page:


Shoden level 1:


Okuden level 2:





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