So many modalities, so little time…Help I am curious!

Hey! Help me out here!

 I was just thinking about how there are so many different modalities and even different branches of the system of Reiki many people practice. This question came to me: How can you be skilled and dedicated at so many modalities? The thought of that saying Jack of all trades master of none came to mind. No judging, but the thought came to me and in being honest I had to say it. I also have to say we are never Reiki Masters either. I only practice the system of Reiki from a Japanese perspective. I do not practice anything else. I find it hard to imagine dedicating myself to more than this, and being really focused on growth and experience from one modality I find hard enough. Who knows what will happen in the future though, I may find something and a way to integrate it into my life. Then I will have my own answers for this, until then I need your help! So my question is to all of you out there who practice more than one spiritual practice, or self-development practice, how do you do it? I currently get all I need from one system.  Do you like having many practices to do? How do you integrate them into a cohesive practice? Do they mesh well together and feed into each other? I am truly curious because this is something I have trouble with. I completely understand having a practice of yoga and the system of Reiki. Yoga is great and can be exactly what a person needs physically and even spiritually. How though do those who practice both deal with the different belief systems that come with each regarding the spiritual side as well as the energetic beliefs at the root of each system?

What about people practicing so many different branches of Reiki? Sometimes I look at others in the area or around the world to check out websites and see what is going on within the community. I often find many, many people who teach and practice a number of branches of the system. I wonder why this is? I kind of think it is because the roots of the system are so simple that there is a feeling of wanting or needing more. If we take a look though at the different systems that the founder Usui Mikao pulled this system together from, they are practices that have been done for hundreds of years. That is a whole other post… And I firmly believe each being will find the right branch and system that is a perfect fit for them.(for more on that read The Reiki Source Book find out what has been added to the system and what works for you)

Back to wondering why people want to practice so many different spiritual practices at once? Are they trying to find the one that is right for them? Will they cast away the other practices when they find one they really like and focus on really experiencing and getting the most out of that one system? I am curious, I in no way, shape or form think it’s bad for someone else. Only for me at this moment in time, I have what works for me and that is all I need. Thinking about this reminds me of my beginning journey with the system of Reiki. I wanted something spiritual and couldn’t find anything I truly felt meshed with me. So I dabbled here and there into different metaphysical practices. Even for a while the Reiki branch I practiced had many metaphysical qualities and beliefs. Is this what people are doing or do they just find having many practices to choose from works better for them? Does it get complicated? Do you have quality teachers for each practice? Do you really know the roots of each practice? These are all thoughts that come to me when thinking about this. I would love to hear from all of you about this topic. I can not imagine having more than one practice with this busy family life, how do you do it? Let me hear your side! Thank you all!!!

With much gratitude, love and compassion!



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