Vertigo and energetic sensations

This past week I came down with a fever and cold, which turned into a double ear  infection. I woke up last Thursday with vertigo as a result of the ear infections.I went to my fabulous holistic doctor and got some antibiotics to help the infections go away.  Now you are probably wondering why I am talking about ear infections when the focus of this blog is my practice of the system of Reiki from a traditional approach. Well because daily practice is huge within the system. We must continue a daily practice to reap the full benefits of the system. Daily practice over a long period of time is where we will see the most benefit from the system. So Thursday I could not even hold my head up without becoming dizzy. I sit in seiza during my practice and this was not going to work. Seiza means correct sitting, it’s a traditional Japanese style of sitting.  You sit on your ankles legs bent under. The idea is that your legs symbolize a large foot. Feet firm on the ground = grounded, connected. I use a seiza bench I made. I love it! It really takes the pressure off my legs when sitting for so long in seiza. (link for bench instructions-  Anyway, I knew I could not sit for my practice, yet I know the most important time to keep your practice going is in difficult times or rough spots of life. I lounged around in bed Thursday and did my practice throughout the day. I did a lot of hands on healing on my head, ears, hara and heart. I seem to always want to work on my heart and hara when I am feeling not so good. Friday I did the same thing. Saturday I was feeling a bit better and less dizzy. My husband gave me some time alone, so I decided to try to sit and do my practice while the family was gone. (my youngest does not like to hear me chant-that’s another great story I will share soon) Typically while sitting and doing specific techniques my eyes are slightly open. That wouldn’t work Saturday, so i closed my eyes. It really makes me hyper aware of the energetic sensations that are a by-product of the practice. I normally have certain sensations. I am not attached to them nor do I ever expect them to happen. When they do I just acknowledge them and keep doing what I am doing. Well one of the sensations I often get is a feeling of being in an ocean, floating with the current of the waves. I am usually not moving physically, though sometimes I do sway some. This time was crazy, vertigo and the energetic sensation of being in an ocean current!!! It was pretty funny. I felt very swirly and light, buoyant.  Afterwards I thought about how I wanted to share it with you. It had me thinking too about writing about the importance of keeping up with your practice even when feeling not so hot. It always helps to have your practice there. It’s like having a band-aid for life. Well that’s not a correct statement because it doesn’t cover up your problems it helps you uncover them, letting you face your poo when you are ready.(it’s always a choice) I guess it’s like having a loving, soothing caretaker guide you through your poo. Like your rock, the light in a storm, and all those other good sayings about a force so strong and powerful and loving. I am grateful for my practice and in some way grateful for experiencing the vertigo and it’s testing my dedication to my practice and the importance of doing it no matter what!



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